Generalizedextended Weibull Power Series Family of Distributions
Said H. Alkarni

In this study, we introduce a new familyof models for lifetime data called generalized extended Weibullpower series family of distributions by compoundinggeneralizedextended Weibull distributions and power series distributions. The compounding procedure follows the same setup carried out by Adamidis (1998). The proposed family contains all types of combinations between truncated discrete with generalized and nongeneralized Weibull distributions. Some existing power series and subclasses of mixed lifetime distributions become special cases of the proposed family, such as the compound class of extended Weibull power seriesdistributions proposed by Silva et al. (2013) and the generalized exponential power series distributionsintroduced by Mahmoudi and Jafari (2012).Some mathematical properties of the new class are studied, includingthe cumulative distribution function, density function, survival function, and hazard rate function. The method of maximum likelihood is used for obtaining a general setup for estimating the parameters of any distribution in this class. An expectation-maximization algorithm is introduced for estimating maximum likelihood estimates.Special subclasses and applications for some models in areal datasetare introduced to demonstrate the flexibility and the benefit of this new family.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/arms.v3n2a8